Not Enough Time to Plan? Then set aside some time to correct problems

"I had six honest serving men who taught me all I know: their names were what and how and why, and when and where and who" Rudyard Kipling

Because sometimes it seems almost impossible to dedicate enough time to plan (but we always find time to "redo" or "rework" when there is a problem), I would like to invite you to "quickly" ask yourself the following questions before starting a new IT Project:

  • Where the organization / department are at this point? (Problem Statement)
  • What can we do about it? Define what you want to accomplish (Project Mission)
  • Why? Is this project aligned with our corporate strategy, will it provide a competitive advantage to our organization (Business Case)
  • How? Describe the implementation of the solution (Project Proposal / Plan)
  • When? How much time do we have / Can we finish our project on time (Project Schedule)
  • Who? Identify staffing requirements / skills (Project Team)
Posted by Gabriel Maciel

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