Transferring the FSMO Roles (Part 3)

Transferring the Forest-Wide FSMO roles:

To find out who currently holds the Domain Naming Master FSMO Role and transfer it:

  • Open the Active Directory Domains and Trusts snap-in from the Administrative Tools folder
  • Right-click the AD Domains and Trusts icon and select "Operations Masters"
  • Click “Change” if the name of the new Server that will have the role is the one that you want and confirm the change

  • If that is not the case, cancel the operation, click one more time on your AD Domains and Trusts icon and then choose “Connect to Domain Controller”
  • Now you just need to select the DC you expect to hold the FSMO role and follow the above mentioned procedure
Posted by Gabriel Maciel

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Gabriel said...

I would like to mention that you need to be a member of the Enterprise Administrators group in order to transfer the Domain Naming role. Also, remember that you can check who has the FSMO Roles by running "netdom query fsmo" at a command prompt.