How to add a Second SCSI Controller to a VM

Since a second SCSI adapter is mandatory for Microsoft Clustering Services running in VMware, and it will also provide better performance for any I/O intensive virtual machine like a database server, file server, etc; adding a second controller may be a necessity or valuable option for us. Here is how it can be done:
  • After creating the VM we need to “Edit” its settings and select to “Add...” a new device
  • We then choose “Hard Disk” (not SCSI device) and click “Next”

  • We accept the defaults and click “Next” (unless we whish to re-use an existing vDisk)

  • We input the size and move on to the next screen

  • In here we need to select a different SCSI node so…

  • We are going to choose “SCSI (1:0)” and then click “Next”

  • Now we complete the Add Hardware Wizard by clicking “Finish” and then…

  • We will be back to the VM Properties where, after clicking “OK”, the changes are going to be committed

Note: If we select to edit the VM one more time, we will see the second SCSI Controller

Posted by Gabriel Maciel


Anonymous said...

i do not have an option of choosing SCSI (1,*)or SCSI (2,*)

the drop down just shows me SCSI(0,0 to SCSI (0,15)

Please help.

Thanks in advance !

Gabriel Maciel said...

Which version of the product are you using? It is for example vSphere 4.01/02 or 4.1?