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Right now I am working on a VMware / Security project that will allow us to partially virtualize our physical Anti-Spam and Management Servers. On an average, we process 1.2 million of incoming e-mails per day through 1 Anti-Spam Server that is behind our firewalls. The new plan is to have 2 Anti-Spam Servers to handle the load plus 1 Management Server.

In the new world, both Anti-Spam Servers will be active and share 50% of the load each. One of them is going to be a Virtual Machine and the second one a physical server; the Management Server will also be virtualized.

If one of the Anti-Spam Servers fail, the second server will process all the e-mail and if the management server fails we will restore a copy of the Virtual Machine (some downtime here is acceptable since incoming e-mail will continue to be processed).

The product selected for the Anti-Spam Servers was Symantec Mail Security for SMTP and VMware Infrastructure Enterprise Edition for the Virtualization platform. In a couple of weeks the project will be fully implemented, so I am going to update this post with the results of the migration and a Visio diagram of the implementation.

Posted by Gabriel Maciel


Angelos said...


I work for Symantec on the Mail Security team and saw your post about virtualizing your antispam and management infrastructure. I thought you might be interested in learning that we recently introduced the Symantec Mail Security 8300 Series Virtual Edition - a complete VMware-certified virtual appliance that combines our most advanced antispam, antivirus, and content filtering technologies. This might be a great match for you. You can apply your Mail Security for SMTP license to the 8300 Series Virtual Edition at no incremental cost, with help from your Symantec reseller (or Symantec direct). Take a look at www.symantec.com/trysms to learn more about the appliance - I hope you give it some thought - I think it might be the perfect match for your project.

Angelos Kottas

Gabriel Maciel said...


Thank you very much for taking the time to comment the post!
I am definitely going to download the VMware Appliance you mentioned and test how it performs. Also, it may be a good fit not only for this project, but for a second one I will need to complete in the next moths.