Workstation 6.5 Beta Program

What's new in VMware Workstation 6.5:

Unity — Integrate your favorite guest applications with your host. You can launch, access and run guest applications alongside host applications!

More Powerful VM Record and Replay — Record your entire VM execution and replay it with instruction-exact precision. A graphical interface lets you browse, add markers to and edit your recording so you can easily monitor and analyze your virtual environment.

Support for Smart Cards & Smart Card Readers — Workstation 6.5 supports smart cards in a VM. Use your smart card for authentication on your host and guest, or across multiple guests!

Enhanced ACE Authoring — Workstation 6.5 includes many usability enhancements that make it easier than ever to package and deploy Pocket ACE and desktop VMs with encryption, network access, and device control.

Link State Propagation Networking — Easily move your VM from one network to another without explicitly renewing the VM's IP address. Link state propagation feature automatically resumes guest network connectivity whenever the host is connected.

Improved 3D graphics Support — Workstation 6.5 can now support DirectX9.0 accelerated 3D with shaders so you can run more applications inside your VM.

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Posted by Gabriel Maciel

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