VMware Site Recovery Manager Videos

Mike Laverick has posted two VMware Site Recovery videos that you may want to check:

I’ve been working with VMware’s Site Recovery Manager product for sometime, indeed I’m in the process of completing a book on the product. As a companion to the book I’ve put together a couple of Microsoft .wmv files that show a test of a site recovery plan, and the actual run of a recovery plan for really. One of the reasons for doing this - is a SRM is very dynamic product which automates a heck of lot of manual procedures - so one click can have multiple actions - and its good to see that in live action - as you see the changes taking place at the protected site and the recovery site. Certainly easier to capture a movie of a recovery plan than describe in painful detail each step with hundreds of screen grabs - I can tell you

This is the link to the videos.

Posted by Gabriel Maciel

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