Physical to Virtual (P2V) Networking Script

From RTFM Education:

Simon Ruzgar of has very kindly sent RTFM a handy little script - based on some post-P2V scripting I did donkey’s years ago - I’m mean back in the ESX2/VC1/P2V2 era. Here’s the problem it fixes: When you P2V you loose your IP settings from your Windows “Local Area Connection”, because Windows hides the old physical NIC, and shows a new vmxnet NIC inside the virtual machine.

Here’s what Simon’s script does: You run it on the physical box prior to conversion, it reads the IP configuration and pipes it to a text file. You then carry out your P2V. Once that’s completed you re-run the script which then reads your “lost” IP configuration from the text file - and puts them back behind you new local area connection.

You can download the script here.

Posted by Gabriel Maciel

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