Tripwire ConfigCheck now Assesses VMware ESX 3.0

Kim Blomgren from Tripwire kindly sent me an e-mail with information about the updated version of Tripwire ConfigCheck. Last moth I wrote a post about this free tool / utility and now it is very nice to see how in such short period of time Tripwire has improved it again. Here is the new information:

Tripwire, a leader in configuration assessment and change auditing for virtual environments, today announced the availability of Tripwire ConfigCheck™ for VMware ESX 3.0.  Tripwire ConfigCheck is a free utility that quickly assesses configuration settings for VMware ESX 3.0 and 3.5 hypervisors, determines potential configuration risks, and provides prescriptive remediation advice so that administrators can ensure greater security.

Tripwire ConfigCheck provides an immediate assessment of the configurations of a VMware ESX hypervisor, comparing them against VMware hardening security guidelines, which are best practice recommendations for optimal security in virtual environments, and provides remediation instructions if any are needed. With Tripwire ConfigCheck, customers gain immediate visibility into risks that might exist in their virtual environment due to misconfiguration and are advised of recommended fixes to any configuration settings that could present future risk.

With tens of thousands of visitors and downloads in the past month, Tripwire has been lauded for offering a free solution to a growing industry concern. “The massive popularity of Tripwire ConfigCheck speaks loudly to the market need for solutions that address the knowledge and skills gap in managing virtual infrastructure.  With this latest release, we leverage the best practices of VMware’s hardening security guidelines for 3.5 and 3.0.x environments increasing the overall value of the utility,” said Mark Gaydos, Tripwire VP of Marketing. 

In addition to offering immediate insight into unintentional vulnerabilities in virtual environments, Tripwire also provides a remediation guide containing the necessary steps to return both VMware ESX 3.0 and 3.5 hosts to a known, secure state.  Tripwire ConfigCheck and the Tripwire Remediation Guide are available for free and can be downloaded at

Find more about ConfigCheck here.

Also, this is the link to the VMware Communities roundtable podcast where ConfigCheck was discussed.

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