5 Free Tools from Solarwinds

VM Monitor
Get X-Ray Insight into Your ESX Servers:
• Quickly check the health of your VMware ESX Server
• View detailed virtual machine health statistics
• Get visual alerts when performance degradation occurs

FREE Real-time NetFlow Analyzer
This free desktop tool captures and analyzes NetFlow data so that you can:
• Quickly answer "why's the network so slow?"
• Identify network top talkers
• Analyze traffic spikes and bandwidth consumption

Exchange Monitor
Continuously monitor Microsoft® Exchange health, including:
• Exchange services
• Mail queues
• Host server health

Award Winning TFTP Server
The most robust, widely trusted and easy-to-use TFTP server which enables you to:
• Concurrently upload and download images from multiple devices
• Upload and download configurations to devices
• Transfer files larger than 32MB

Advanced Subnet Calculator
Compute addresses for IP subnets with ease and perform other tasks with:
• Forward and reverse DNS resolution
• CIDR calculator
• Ability to geneate a list of addresses for any subnet

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