Free Tool for Managing VMware ESX / ESXi Servers: Trilead VM Explorer

Trilead VM Explorer is a management tool that eases management, backup and disaster recovery tasks in your VMware ESX Server environment. You get maximum flexibility: backups can be stored to ESX, Windows, Linux and FreeBSD based storage platforms or directly to a SAN.


  • Multi-Server Management: The graphical user interface of VM Explorer allows to connect to multiple ESX, Linux and FreeBSD servers at the same time in the same interface.
  • Server to Server fast copy: Allows you to copy files directly (drag&drop) between ESX, Linux and FreeBSD servers at full speed: throughput is only limited by the available network/storage system bandwidth.
  • ESX to ESX/Windows/Linux/FreeBSD/SAN Backup & Restore: Our unique ESX to any backup feature allows to backup virtual machines to other ESX Servers, Linux or FreeBSD servers. Of course, virtual machines can also be stored to a SAN (ISCSI or NFS) directly attached to an ESX. Furthermore, backups can also be saved on the Windows machine where the VM Explorer is running.
  • Support for ESX 3i: VMX version 1.5 includes beta support for the next generation of ESX servers.
  • File Browser: Browse instantly your ESX/Linux/FreeBSD servers' file system and copy files from one to the other just by drag & drop. Supports also up- and download to the management station.
  • Integrated SSH Client: The integrated SSH Terminal Client allows you to configure all your Unix/Linux based Servers trough SSH, all within one software.
  • Job Scheduler: The integrated job scheduler allows you to perform unattended, periodic backups of your virtual infrastructure.
  • Integrated ESX Snapshot Manager: Create and remove snapshots directly from within VMX.
  • Dynamic Compression: To make use of slow network links (e.g., for wide-area replication) or to save space on the target system, backups can be dynamically compressed.

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