Stateless VMware ESX Server 3i 3.5 U4 Using PXE Booting

The configuration described in this article is very generic, outlining how you can boot the ESX Server 3i version 3.5 Update 4 Installable image using PXE. The description provided outlines how you can boot from the network by PXE booting ESX Server 3i version 3.5 Update 4 Installable. This installation is completely stateless (it does not rely on the presence of a local disk). Therefore, the installation and post-install configuration are not persistent across reboot. If you want to automate the sever configuration at boot time, use the VMware Infrastructure Toolkit (VMware Infrastructure SDK). See the following page for links to VMware documentation related to SDKs:

More information here and here.

Posted by Gabriel Maciel

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