HP P2000/MSA Comparison Page

I find myself looking for technical information about the HP P2000/MSA series on a weekly basis so I am posting the direct link to the HP site for my own future reference:

“The HP StorageWorks P2000 G3 FC Modular Smart Array is a high-performance 8 Gb Fibre Channel or Combo FC/iSCSI connected array designed for efficient consolidation and functionality at affordable prices. Choosing the FC/iSCSI Combo controller gives the flexibility to share the array resources over both protocols, closely matching the needs of various sized departments and budgets.

The HP StorageWorks 2000 Modular Smart Array Family (MSA2000) is a new generation of Fibre Channel, iSCSI and SAS storage arrays for SAN implementations specifically designed for entry-level customers, featuring the very latest in functionality and technology at highly affordable price points. It supports simultaneous accommodation of enterprise-class, dual-ported SAS drives and archival-class SATA drives.”

The HP MSA comparison page can be accessed here.

Posted by Gabriel Maciel

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