More VMware Infrastructure 3.5 Plugins

A week or so ago, Andrew Kutz made public 2 new client plugins for the VMware Infrastructure 3.5 environment. This week, we are glad to see that the list goes up to 5!

  • SVMotion: This VI plugin allows VMware administrators to invoke storage VMotion (SVMotion) events.
  • Add Port Groups: This plugin enables the creation of multiple port groups of any type on an number of ESX servers and virtual switches at once.
  • Rdp: Allows for RDP from VMware Virtual Infrastructure client right click menu.
  • Console: Adds a SSH enabled tab named 'Console' when a host system is selected.
  • KeySniffer: KeySniffer is an example of how VI 2.5 client plugins can be abused. This plugin sniffs all key strokes that occur within the VI 2.5 client and outputs them to C:\viclientkeystrokes.txt.

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Invoke Plugin: "Allows third-party applications to be launched from within the VI 2.5 client using an existing, authenticated session cookie"