Logon Script Generator & CreateGroups.vbs

These are a couple of nice utilities in case you need to create a substantial amount of Active Directory Groups at once or generate new Login Scripts for your users:

CreateGroups.vbs (Bouke Groenescheij)

"...a script which processes a list of groups (text lines from a file) and put them in Active Directory.

All you need to do is create a file. On every line put <groupname>,<description> and drag and drop this text file on the script. Oh yeah, change your domain name and group to reflect your environment (duh) in the CreateGroups.vbs .

Please note that you cannot have any 'bad' characters in the groupname. I like working in Excel to create these kind of lists and the 'SUBSTITUTE' formula can be very helpful to remove any bad characters."

Download the script here

Logon Script Generator (Jeffery Hicks)

"This free tool is an HTA that generates a fully functional VBScript logon script. Now you can script without scripting! At the very least you can quickly generate the foundation of a VBScript logon script that you can further modify and extend. The HTA generates VBScript code, lets you preview it and then save it to a file. Once saved, you can edit the code in PrimalScript with the click of a button. If you don’t have PrimalScript, the saved script can be opened in Notepad. Requirements: Windows XP and an Active Directory domain."

Download the tool here

More information here

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