Veeam Backup - Virtual Center 2.5 - VM Performance - Esx-AutoPatch

Here you have some of the links I came across recently and wanted to share in the Blog:

Veeam Backup
A groundbreaking disaster recovery solution for VMware Infrastructure 3 that combines backup and replication in one product.

Virtual Center 2.5 Passthrough Authentication via
"At last! VMware have finally added passthrough auth support in VC 2.5, although it is currently classed as experimental. This is something I have been waiting / asking about for quite some time. And even better, it's on by default! To use it, simply add -passthroughAuth -s vchostname to the end of the shortcut used to launch the VI 2.5 client."

Add multiple SCSI controllers to your VM to improve performance via
"A couple of months ago at the Dutch VMug meeting Bouke-Jumé gave some good storage tips. This is one of them:
The LSI Bus Logic Controller / Driver has a standard queue depth of 256. Although it isn’t possible to set this higher it is possible to add a second controller and when you make sure the SCSI ID of your disk corresponds to the SCSI card you will have another queue of 256. This can lead to improved performance for Database Servers, Files Servers and other I/O intensive VM’s."

Dominic Rivera's now supports ESX 3.5.0
"I've had a number of visitors write in to inquire about, and when I would update the script to support ESX 3.5.0. To be honest I didn't really plan to update the script since VMware's Update Manger seems to be doing an adequate job of filling that need. But if you need to get the patches installed at build time, or don't have Virtual Center at your disposal I still believe is the best answer out there."

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