More VMware Tools and Utilities

Back in February I wrote a post about the VMware Tools and Utilities I use to administer our VMware environment. Now, via we get the following list:

1-Putty - Telnet and SSH client for remotely connecting to the ESX service console

2-WinSCP and Veeam FastSCP - SCP clients for browsing ESX server file systems and transferring files to/from ESX hosts

3-VI3 SnapHunter and SnapAlert - Utilities that can report all running snapshots on ESX hosts including name, size and date. Can also automatically email reports and optionally commit snapshots

4-VI Scripted Backup Utility - A backup utility that is run from the Service Console that provides VMDK level backups of any VM on storage accessible by the host

5-MCS StorageView - A utility that displays all the logical partitions, operating system, capacity, free space and percent free of all virtual machines on ESX 3.x or Virtual Center 2.x

6-SSH Plug-in - A VI client plug-in that integrates an SSH console directly into the client

7-Storage VMotion Plug-in - A VI client plug-in that extends the client’s functionality by providing an integrated, graphical tool that can be used to invoke storage VMotion (SVMotion) operations

8-VMotion Info - A program that will collect Vendor, Model, CPU Types and the CPU feature bits from all hosts to check for VMotion compatibility

9-VMCdConnected - Scans all Virtual Machines and shows if they have a CD connected to it. After scanning the VM’s you can disconnect all the CD’s with a click of a button

10-VMware Converter – (Performs hot and cold conversions of physical and virtual servers to virtual machines. Also converts image formats


Posted by Gabriel Maciel

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