Virtual Center 2.0.2 Upgrade (Take 2)

A while ago I posted an article about an unresolved issue that happened to me when upgrading from Virtual Center 2.0.2 to Virtual Center 2.0.2 Update3 (the problem was that installer did not copy all the files required for the Welcome page to be viewed properly when it performed the update).

Now, VMware has posted an official knowledge base article (kb 1002858) with the solution:

After upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.0.2, Update 1, Update 2 or Update 3, the VMware VirtualCenter 2 Welcome home page does not completely render in the browser. The page does not show any text and no links are available.

I do not know if this is still an issue with the recently announced Virtual Center 2.0.2 Update 4, but at least the problem is now well documented.

Posted by Gabriel Maciel

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