ESX 3 / i U2 Product License Issue

This problem applies to all ESX 3.5 U2 hosts but should not affect you running VMs. Suggested Workarounds:

For the Virtual Machines:

  • Set DRS to manual
  • Do not VMotion
  • Do not power off or suspend your VMs
  • If you have important VMs you need to turn on again: a. Create a quarantine host b. Set time on this host back c. Cold migrate the VM to the quarantine host d. Verify that your VM does not synchronize its time with that ESX host: Power the VM on, log into it and set the time manually
  • You could also think about temporarily disconnecting the VM to power on from the Virtual Switch - this way you are certain that the VM will not be able to communicate with a DC while it’s out of time-synch

Note: Please take into account that if you change the time on the affected ESX host and VMware tools is configure to synchronize the guest with it, you may adversely affect your running services.

For the ESX Host:

  • Log in as root on the target host
  • Issue the following commands:
    a. service ntpd stop
    b. date -s 08/01/2008

Note: This can also be done using the VI Client (Configuration, Software, Time Configuration, Properties).

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