VMware ESX 3.5 on Workstation 6.5 / VI3 in a Box

I posted before how important I consider it is to use VMware Workstation as a learning platform for the VI environment and I am now very pleased to see that Xtravirt has updated its document explaining how to install VMware ESX 3.5 on Workstation 6.5 Beta. Here is the announcement:

In 2007, like others in the global VMware community, Xtravirt developed a common methodology to install and run VMware ESX 3.x on VMware Workstation 6 together with a shared storage solution based upon an iSCSI software target. We called it ‘VI3 in a box’.

This allowed users and professionals in the IT community to create simple and cost effective VI3 infrastructures to test, learn about and demonstrate these environments.

Upon the release of VMware ESX 3.5 we found that this methodology did not continue to hold true. Although still possible to install ESX 3.5, when attempting to start a nested Virtual Machine on the ESX VM, the ESX VM panics, and a stop message appears.

However, with the release of VMware Workstation 6.5, build release 99530, a revised solution now exists.

This white paper documents the process to install and configure ‘VI3.5 in a box’.

You can access the updated document here.

Posted by Gabriel Maciel

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