AD Domain Login Fails when the Computer's Snapshot is Reverted to a Point in the Past

This issue occurs because the machine account password changes automatically every 30 days when a computer is joined to a Windows domain. When the computer's snapshot is reverted to a point in the past, the password in the virtual machine does not match the version on the domain. When the passwords do not match the domain cannot authenticate the machine's system account credentials nor any user logins from that machine.

To ensure domain logins are successful:

  1. Remove the virtual machine from the Windows domain.

  2. Restart the virtual machine.

  3. Join the virtual machine back to the Windows domain.

  4. Restart the virtual machine.

Note: To prevent this issue from happening, disable machine account password updates. For more information, see How to disable automatic machine account password changes.

You can find the full KB article here.

Posted by Gabriel Maciel

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