Microsoft IT Compliance Management Guide


The IT Compliance Management file includes the following files:

  • IT Compliance Management Guide.docx. This guide will prepare you for a conversation with GRC subject matter experts such as attorneys, auditors, specialists, and consultants working for your organization. It introduces an approach based on Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) 4.0 that can help you address compliance requirements as well as organization-wide governance initiatives.
  • IT Compliance Management Resources.xlsx. This Microsoft Excel workbook contains four worksheets. The Instructions worksheet provides reader instructions on the use of the tabs within this workbook. The GRC Control Objectives worksheet contains high-level objectives applicable to an IT department assigned GRC duties. The GRC Configuration Job Aids worksheet contains GRC objectives and associated Microsoft product configuration guidance to meet these objectives. The GRC Management Inventory worksheet contains GRC management guidance and additional product guidance for the management of a GRC solution.

This Solution Accelerator also includes the following files:

  • Release Notes.rtf. Provides information about updates and changes to the IT Compliance Management Guide.
  • IT Compliance Management Guide data sheet.docx. A two-page overview of the IT Compliance Management Guide that describes its purpose and provides other relevant information for IT managers and IT professionals.

You can download the guides here.

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