Configuring an ESX host to display the Full Qualified Domain Name instead of its IP address in vCenter

“To configure an ESX host to display the FQDN in the vCenter inventory:

  1. Disconnect the ESX host from the Inventory in vCenter. Do not remove it from the Inventory.
  2. Log in to the ESX host as root using an SSH client. If login with an SSH client is not possible, log in to the physical console of the ESX host as user root.
  3. Delete the vpxuser account with the command:
    userdel vpxuser
    Note: The vpxuser account facilitates communication between the ESX host and vCenter. It is created again when the ESX host is connected back to the Inventory in vCenter.
  4. Right-click on the ESX host in vCenter and choose Connect
    In vCenter Server 4.0 the following error displays:
    Cannot complete due login due to an incorrect username or password
    In vCenter Server 2.5 the tasks show the error:
    Login failed due to a bad username or password
    These messages can be safely ignored.
  5. Enter the FQDN for the ESX host and login credentials for the root user to add the ESX host to the Inventory in vCenter using its FQDN.”

More information here – VMware KB Article: 1014030

Posted by Gabriel Maciel

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