VMware “console-setup” - Configuring or Restoring the Networking Settings from the Console

Nice article from Virtual Infrastructure Tips – VMware and the VMware Knowledge Base:

“ESX 4.0 Update 2 introduces a new tool (console-setup) to simplify the process of creating or restoring networking in the ESX service console.

VMware recommends that you use the physical console of the server rather than connecting via SSH as changing the network configuration might cause a disconnection, which can leave the server unreachable.

The tool allows you to perform the most common steps required to restore the ESX server's network connectivity via simple menu items, such as changing or correcting:

  • IP address
  • Net mask
  • Default gateway
  • Physical uplink (vmnic)”

    More information in the VMware KB Article 1022078 and here.

    Posted by Gabriel Maciel

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