VMware ESX/ESXi Installations on HP systems and the HP NMI Driver

“Hardware faults are indicated by non-maskable interrupts (NMIs).  To ensure proper handling of NMIs, ESX/ESXi 4.1 instances on HP systems require the HP NMI driver.  The NMI driver ensures that NMIs are properly detected and logged.  Without this driver, HP systems with ESX/ESXi ignore NMIs by default.”

More information here (VMware KB Article 1021609), here (VMware KB Article 1014767) and here (HP Download Page).

Posted by Gabriel Maciel


sunil said...


I was looking through the web regarding the stateless esx and i have a basic question regarding stateless esx.

why do we need it ? whats the motivation behind having stateless esx ? Do you have document which gives the details for that ?


Gabriel Maciel said...

Hi Sunil,

Check this post "PXE Booting a Stateless ESXi Hypervisor and a Glimpse of the Future" here: http://www.chriswolf.com/?p=182.